Thanks for your interest in helping PierPride support the City of San Clemente in keeping the pier looking and functioning at its best. PierPride is a subsidiary of the Friends of San Clemente Foundation, a non-profit entity. Your donation will help fund items on our wish list, which includes, in part:

  • More frequent Pier Painting
  • Bathrooms
  • New Interpretive Signs
  • Termite/Dry Rot Repair at Bathrooms
  •  New Bait Tables
  • Vandal-proof Garbage Cans
  • Bird Waste Removal
  • Enhanced Pier Entrance/Pier Apron
  •  Improved Water Fountain

Two Ways To Donate

PO Box 73544
San Clemente, CA  92673
Please make checks payable to PierPride San Clemente