Help Restore Pier Restrooms

The city of San Clemente has approved funding to restore the restrooms at the end of the Pier. PierPride will provide added-extras to their basic project. We seek sponsors for amenities listed below. The drinking fountain with water-bottle refill station is a #1 request from Pier goers. Skylights (with pigeon-proofing) ensure maximum natural light. Public Art will make us smile, and light fixtures consistent with Pier lighting will brighten the space. PierPride welcomes your involvement.

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

$10,000 - Drinking fountain & water refill station

$5,000 - Skylights

$5,000 - Public Art

$5,000 - Light fixtures

Sponsors receive tickets to Light the Future of the Pier and recognition in the San Clemente Journal & The San Clemente Times. A plaque will be installed on the pier to celebrate 2019 sponsors.

PierPride values donations of all sizes. Please click here if you would like to make a donation to the restroom restoration but the 2019 sponsor levels are not where you’d like to contribute.


Restrooms Today…


Restrooms Tomorrow!