Interpretive and Educational Signs: $60,000

The existing interpretive signs that educate Pier Visitors about points of interest, such as Pier History, the Casa Romantica, Kelp Beds, and San Clemente Island,  are old and faded.  Additionally, interpretive signs have advanced in the years since ours were last updated.  New signs would be more colorful, dimensional, and interactive.  


Doubling Pier Maintenance: $55,000

The City spends $55,000 each year on regular upkeep and maintenance.  PierPride, through a unique sponsorship program, Invest in the Vest, is doubling the maintenance time spent on the Pier.  That means increased cleaning of bird residue, litter, and kelp—especially during lobster season.  It also includes weekly sweeping of the Pier and increased nail patrol:  1-3 times each week protruding nail heads are addressed, making walking safer along the Pier.  PierPride donors sponsor the maintenance in monthly increments and are recognized on the orange vests worn by the added maintenance teams that their generous donations make possible.

Three levels of sponsorship are available:

Exclusive Sponsor (12 months of increased maintenance)          $55,000

Seasonal Sponsor (4 months, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)        $15,000 

Monthly Sponsor (12 separate sponsors, 1 per month)                 $5,000