PierPride is dedicated to helping preserve the historic San Clemente pier, the heart of the city since 1928. 

The City of San Clemente has a long history of maintaining and protecting the pier—which is a big job for a small city. Prior to 2012, the pier was a beneficiary of California Redevelopment funds; however, this funding evaporated when the state dissolved Redevelopment Agencies. Now unaided by the state, the City of San Clemente spends an average of $425,000 a year to structurally maintain the San Clemente Pier. Despite the city’s strong commitment to the pier, there is a large gap between the city’s budget and what it takes to provide the care that citizens of San Clemente would like this iconic destination to receive.

Working in partnership with the City and key community stakeholders, PierPride strives to fill the gaps between City funds and the Pier’s needs in order to restore the Pier to the best version of its historic self. PierPride will identify and fund projects that impact the quality of the experience that San Clemente residents have when visiting the pier.

Our goal over the next couple of years is to raise sufficient funds for an endowment that will ensure preservation of this unique San Clemente experience long into the future.

PierPride is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  EIN #32-0515984