PierPride Foundation Legacy Society

Your pride in San Clemente Pier will be permanently memorialized when you include PierPride Foundation in your estate plan.  With little effort, Planned Giving can make a big difference by:

  • Making a direct bequest to PierPride Foundation in your Will or Trust

  • Naming PierPride Foundation as the current, future, or contingent beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, bank account or mutual fund.

You can also benefit personally during your lifetime while eventually supporting PierPride Foundation by donating through a Charitable Remainder Trust:

  • Avoid paying capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets by transferring them to a Charitable Remainder Trust before you sell and receive a large charitable deduction on your income taxes.

  • Receive lifetime income from the trust, benefiting you and other family members.

  • Ultimately create a legacy with a generous gift to PierPride Foundation.  

Your charitable gift will decrease the size of your estate for estate tax purposes.

We are enormously grateful

We are grateful to our planned-gift donors for their desire to make a lasting difference and ensure that, through careful preservation and improvement, the San Clemente Pier can be experienced by future generations.

Information for Your Attorney

When creating or revising a will or living trust, please consult with an estate planning attorney. PierPride Foundation is available to work with you and your attorney to assure that your gift intention is properly structured to make an impact that is meaningful to you.  We encourage you to speak with us if you are interested in making a bequest or other gift.

Our Legal Name: PierPride Foundation
Our Tax I.D. Number: #32-0515984
Mailing address:  P.O. Box 73544, San Clemente, CA  92674

For additional questions about planned-giving and PierPride Foundation, please contact us info@PierPride.org