Our city does a great job of maintaining the critical structural components that keep this community jewel safe and sound destination.  But budget shortfalls make it difficult for the city to take on projects that contribute to the way residents and visitors alike experience the pier.  This is where PierPride comes in.  We want to identify and fund projects that polish this jewel and enhance the pride each of us feels when sharing the pier experience with out of town guests.  What types of projects does this include?  Today, our initial wish list includes:

  • More frequent Pier Painting
  • New Interpretive Signs
  • Termite/Dry Rot Repair at Bathrooms
  • New Bait Tables
  • Vandal-proof Garbage Cans
  • Bird Waste Removal
  • Enhanced Pier Entrance/Pier Apron
  •  Improved Water Fountain

But, this is not a finite list; it will evolve, based on input from the city, community groups, and individual residents.  Share your ideas for projects with us now through our Contact page.