PierPride will announce it’s 2019 project in May. The following projects, drawn from the RSM Design visioning project, have been designated by the City of San Clemente as short-term priorities that would enhance the Pier Experience.  Contact PierPride to discuss becoming a sponsor for these projects.

Flagpole/Banner Program: $32,000


Erecting vertical structures on the Pier requires numerous safety standards to be considered—particularly the wind ratings of the structure.  That makes replacing the existing flagpole an expensive venture—but a rewarding one.  Not only will the American flag fly proudly near the end of the Pier, but the new flag standards will enable banners created by local artists to be displayed, as well.

Fishing Activities and Stewardship: $8,000


Fishing is one of the most popular activities on our Pier—and often the messiest.  While increased maintenance can help with this issue, PierPride believes a proactive approach can prevent some of the mess in the first place.  Recruiting and training Pier Ambassadors and providing educational materials,  signage, and convenient monofilament receptacles will help encourage local fisherman and visiting anglers to become better stewards of the Pier.

Surf Lockers: $30,000


Beaches around the world provide Surf Lockers as an amenity for local and visiting surfers.  The Pier has been missing this convenient amenity—until now.  Quality lockers that match the style of the Pier area will run $30,000 to construct and install.